It’s Raining! It’s pouring! (our new normal)

There is a big difference between knowing something intellectually and knowing it experientially.  Take the rain in Shenzhen, for instance.  I knew that the city got a lot of rain in the summer, but I hadn’t experienced that rain for myself.

We got caught in our first rainstorm less than a week after we arrived.   Dripping wet, we sought refuge in a small market where we were able to buy some umbrellas. I ended up having to carry Grady, who was complaining about his leg and walking incredibly slow, for half of the walk home that evening. For the record, it is not easy to carry an 8-year-old and an umbrella at the same time.  (Actually, it’s never easy to carry an 8-year-old.)

Since that first rainstorm, we’ve become quite accustomed to the daily deluges that seem to be a part of life here in Shenzhen.  Our umbrellas come with us everywhere we go, and getting soaking wet at some point during the day is something we’ve come to expect.

The latest rainstorm has been so intense that school was canceled today, which was a relief because our walk to and from school is plagued with puddles and I am getting tired of having wet feet.

The upside to all this rain is that there is no point in doing anything with my hair or wearing any makeup, so I am able to save a lot of time in the morning.  The kids also love the giant snails that come out every time it rains, so it’s not all bad.

One thought on “It’s Raining! It’s pouring! (our new normal)

  1. Hello again Armstrong family,
    First of all I look forward to your messages and love them!
    I can’t even imagine having to carry an 8 year old like Grady or Issaiah! Much less being wet and carrying an umbrella. You guys are brave! Rain is something that doesn’t seem to bother men too much so Brad must be doing ok. Right?
    Can we send you anything yet or can you pm me your address or anything you need from the USA yet? Well, take care until next time!


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