Goodbye VMA, Hello DAIS!

It’s 2pm on a Friday afternoon and I’m currently sitting in my classroom with a student who is scrambling to finish his final paper (which was due a week ago). I may be halfway around the world, but some things never change. Procrastination, it seeems, is universal.

When he finally finishes, I’ll submit my final grades and turn the lights off in my classroom one last time. It’s not just the end of the school year; it’s also the end of my time at VMA.

Although we’ve had an incredible experience here this school year, we decided a while back not to renew our contracts for a second year. We realized quickly that our kids need to be with more kids their own ages and we wanted to be at a school that was better equipped to meet the needs of a family.

We’ve learned A LOT about the world of international education and are extremely excited to be joining the faculty at Dalian Amerian International School next year. Dalian is located in the northeast of China (not far from Korea) and we’ll be heading there after a whirlwind trip home to visit friends and family.

We’re sad to say goodbye to the wonderful people we’ve met here in Shenzhen, but we can’t wait to see what new adventures await!

2 thoughts on “Goodbye VMA, Hello DAIS!

  1. OMG! I missed something along the way. So happy for you guys another year in China!
    What an awesome experience!
    Hope we at least get a hug and a quick hello while you are here in Chico! Love to see all of you! Grady and Hadley look like they have grown so much!

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